In our business we pursue close co-operation with local and international service providers, legal, accounting and audit firms. In particular, we also offer outsourcing services allowing our associates to concentrate on strategic aspects and the most important matters of their business.

We understand the value of business relationships and are willing to work with our associates and business partners without direct access to their Clients, limiting our assistance to the actual tasks to be performed. In any co-operation agreement we undertake not to disclose to third parties any information received from and/or on behalf of the Clients, whether it has or not been expressly identified as confidential information, unless such disclosure has been authorized by the Clients, or is necessary for the effective provision of services and therefore pre-agreed with the Clients, or is required under any Law or foreign legislation or by judicial or administrative organs.

We are willing to undertake temporary and long-term assignments and find solutions that will be cost-saving for your business and yet beneficial for our co-operation.

Looking forward to hearing from you!